Warmotech panel is a special material with exceptional characteristics. Panels are produced from recycled rigid polyurethane (PUR / PIR). During the recycling and production the material acquires new properties – it becomes mechanically strong but has good thermal insulation properties and is resistant to moisture. The panels can be applied in universal ways in the construction sector.

Warmotech panel is biologically safe, resistant to any type of microorganisms, it does not rot, does not attract mold and does not contain toxic substances (formaldehydes). As the panel is mechanically strong it withstands heavy weight loads.

The material is easy to work on using standard woodworking tools, so no additional or specially adapted tools are required when working with this panel or its products. Warmotech panel is easy to cut, drill and grind. Panels are available in two colors - yellow and green. The properties of both color panels correspond to the values ​​stated in the Declaration of Performance.

The maximum dimensions of the panel – 1150 x 2750 mm.

Standard thicknesses

Panel thickness, mm Width x length, mm
10 1150 x 2750

Coatable surface

Suitable for coating and painting with wet type finishing materials.

Easily treated and processed

No special machinery is required for processing. Material can be easily and precisely treated with any wood-working tool.

High soundproof qualities

Material‘s bulk density 550 kg/m 3 creates fine soundproof quality.

Resistant to compression

Commpressive strength up to 7,1 Mpa therefore material is able to withstand high mechanical loads.

Environmentaly resistant

Material doesn‘t mould and doesn‘t rot. Can be used at temperatures from -50 o C to +100 o C.

Can be covered with PVC and laminate

Material is siutable for processing with adhesive and other bonding systems. Can be coated or laminated with other materials.

Water and moisture resistant

Even under long-term water or extreme moisture influence, the material does not change shape and form.


Burning behavior of class D-s3,d0. Does not melt.