HDE profiles can be used as a cheaper alternative for installing windows in thermal insulation layer, lifting windows from the plinth as well as in other areas of construction and industry.

Product Width, mm Height H, mm Length, mm
HDE 60 / 70 20-400 1300

Product is sold in units. Standard unit length is 1300 mm of which 10 mm is the connection

High density expanded polystyrene (HDE) characteristics:

Parameter Unit Result Standard
Density kg/m2 150 ± 10% -
Compressive strength MPa >1,5 EN 826
Bending strength MPa >0,75 EN 12089
Thermal conductivity ʎ W/(mK) <0,041 EN 12664
Water absorption % <2 EN 12087
Fire reaction class - E EN 13501-1