Warmotech M Frame profiles are used for window installation in the thermal insulation layer. Specifically made to create a bigger inner windowsill. M FRAME system consists of stainless steel mounting brackets and „Warmotech“ profiles.

Product Width L, mm Length, mm
M Frame 150 148 2750
M Frame 200 198
M Frame 250 248
M Frame 280 278
Product Suitable for system
M Frame holder All systems (150-280)
M 120 holder M Frame 120-190
M 180 holder M Frame 200-280

Advantages of Warmotech M FRAME profiles:

  • Made for window installation further from the wall;
  • Allows for an easier insulation work around system afterwards;
  • 2750 profile length – long elements are quicker and easier to work with and lead to overall higher quality of installation.

Longitudinal bridge calculations: